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  Get to play, like a naughty child!
Kick up a racket and play.

During your trip, you can be adventurous.
Now, hunt for the best place really hit the spot.
 Tochinoki-family land
Fully-equipped with a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and breathtaking vehicles. Boating in the pond surrounded with trees is a lot of fun.

> From JR Utsunomiya, get on Kanto bus bound for Nishikawada, get off at the terminal : 10 min walk.
> 4-1-1 Nishikawada, Utsunomiya : (phone) 028-659-1201
 Utsunomiya Zoo
Enjoy the close contact with animals in nature.
A variety of events are jammed such as dog shows, and others.
There are a lot of facilities like pet hotels and an adjacent amusement park.

> From JR Utsunomiya, get on Kanto bus bound for Ishinada, get off Shimokanai
: 5 min walk.
> 552-2 Kami Kanai Utsunomiya : (phone) 028-665-3257
 Hachimanyama Park
The park on a hill has 700 cherry trees, 2,300 azaleas.
There is a tower standing 89 meters tall at the hill and it commands the bird’s-eye view of the mountain ranges of Nikko and Nasu as well as the hole city.

> From JR Utsunomiya, get on Kanto bus bound for Sakushingakuin, get off Kencho-mae : 15 min walk.
> 5-2-70 Hanawada, Utsunomiya : (phone) 028-622-6002
 Romantic Village
You can bless with the boon of the earth here to your heart’s content. As the Romantic Village states the concept of ‘’Locally produced and consumed’’, you can enjoy prestigious local beer and fresh local vegetables here.
You can also get the vegetables at a direct sales depot and hot spring is available.
Seasonal flowers are at their best in a hothouse utilizing heat of the hot spring.
Why don’t you enjoy its food, nature and relaxation at the Romantic Village?

> From JR Utsunomiya, get on Kanto bus bound for Romantic Mura : 40 min bus-ride.
> 254 Hei Niizato-machi, Utsunomiya : (phone) 028-665-8800
 Healthy Sauna Nan-Daimon
It is open 7 days a week, and around the clock.
There are 10 kinds of baths including an over-flowing natural hot spring water bath, 4 kinds of saunas and restaurants.Relaxation and amusement facilities are also available.
(Conveniently located.) 10 min walk from JR Utsunomiya station west exit.

> 3-2-18 Imaizumi, Utsunomiya: (phone) 028-622-1126
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