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The Profile of Utsunomiya City

Utsunomiya City, about 100 km north of Tokyo, is the core city of Tochigi Prefecture. It is the biggest city in the northern Kanto Area surrounded by the mountain ranges of Nikko and Nasu in the northwest with the clear stream of the Kinu in the east, the gentle-sloped Kanto Plain in the southeast.
Utsunomiya had prospered as the shrine town to Futaara-yama Shrine, afterwards as the castle town to Utsunomiya castle Sohen Fujiwara founded. In the Edo period, Utsunomiya has developed in various shapes and sizes as the town for accommodations along Ohshyu and Nikko Highway.
Utsunomiya was burned down twice:at the time of Boshin battle the Utsunomiya Castle was reduced to ashes and during World War II the whole town was destroyed by the air raid.
Utsunomiya went through a lot of hardships, but it was reconstructed before long through the efforts of people living there.
With the population of about 510,000,Utsunomiya has prospered as the lively city rich in natural beauties, cutting-edge industries and state-of-the-art enterprises.

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